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We offer the following heat detection products for beef and dairy cattle. Give us at call at 1-800- 375-6624 or email us to discuss how our technologies can help inprove your cow herd's reproductive performance.

Jim & Linda Reed
Rt. 1, Box 83
Esbon, KS 66941
(800)375-6624 x404

HeatWatch is a state of the art heat detection system. It's as easy as gluing a small, pressure sensor on the tailhead of the cow. When the cow is mounted, the sensor sends information to a radio receiver and then to your home computer. No need for late night heat can monitor it all from the comforts of your home. Another HeatWatch benefit is that the software program can be access the mounting activity of your herd 24 hours a day. The software displays all females who are in standing heat or about to come into heat HeatWatch has been proven to detect more than 95% of all standing mounts-24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
Windows Package
Express Package
-Radio Frequency Data Transmission
-Exact Onset of Heat
-24-Hour Mount Surveillance
-Standing Heat Report
-Suspect Heat Report
-Supervisory Report
-Repeater Identification
-Optimal Breeding Window
-Individual Cow ID
-Mount Duration
-Individual Mount Times
-Customized Reports
-Data Export
-Available as Stand-Alone System
  • -Radio Frequency Data Transmission
  • -Exact Onset of Heat
  • -24-Hour Mount Surveillance
  • -Standing Heat Report
  • -Suspect Heat Report
  • -Supervisory Report
  • -Repeater Identification
  • -Optimal Breeding Window
  • MountCount consists of a battery-powered electronic circuit board housed in a watertight case, which is attached to the tailhead of the animal to be heat detected. The mounting activity triggers a button activating an electronic switch located on the circuit board. A sophisticated microprocessor senses the switch closure every time there is a mount, and performs mathematical computations to determine the state of the estrus cycle. The microprocessor then alerts the user of the estrus state by flashing high-intensity lights visible through the end of the case. When the mount button is depressed due to the weight of the mounting animal, a mount is recorded. The button, case, and electronics are designed to resist accidental activation such as chin rests, yet be activated during normal mounting activity.
    MountCount detects suspect heats, standing heats and also offers a time to breed report. Each MountCount is 3.4 inches long, 1.8 inches wide and ½ inch tall and will last for 20 heat cycles. It then can be returned to DDx for exchange or recharging and reprogramming.

    The Real McCoy

    The Ultimate Ultrasound system for reproductive scans of Dairy and Beef Cows while feeding or during lock-up. A total Mobile Scanner weighing less than five (5) pounds, and operating from a rechargeable battery pack or 110V AC.

    Patches and Glue Supplies

    • HeatWatch® Patches
      • Mesh, Large and Small
      • Burlap
      • Peel & Stick
    • MountCount Patches
      • Mesh
      • Peel & Stick
    • HeatWatch® Glue
    • Ruscoe Glue
    • Spray Glue

    Other Supplies

    • Transmitters
    • Elastikon tape
    • Hog ringer & rings
    • Gloves,
    • Buhner Needle
    • Adhesive Spreader
    • Curry Comb
    • Membranes
    • Bottom Gasket
    • VCI Transmitter Bags

    Give us a call for all your heat detection needs! 1-800-375-6624 ext. 404