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GreatPlains Livestock Technologies is owned by James and Linda Reed of Esbon Kansas. We have been dealers of the HeatWatch® Estrus Detection System since October of 1998, and have dealt with the Real McCoy Ultrasound since October 2001. We are the largest dealers of electronic estrus detection equipment in the mid-west, with customer service and satisfaction as our number one goal.

We are also in the dairy business with James parents, Ronald and Dianna Reed. The Reed Dairy was established in 1980. We have been using A.I. from the very start--never owning a single bull, ever. We currently milk 120 cows and use HeatWatch and the Real McCoy Ultrasound. With our experience and commitment to excellence we are well positioned to help the beef and dairy producer turn their reproduction management into reproductive genius.

Call us at (800)375-6624 x404, or contact us by email at


Jim & Linda Reed
Rt. 1, Box 83
Esbon, KS 66941
(800)375-6624 x404
Our Little Showmen
Emily, age 4, with her calf Suzy
Landon, age 8, with his calf Jupiter